Repo Priest by Joel Roosa *****
Featured on Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores 2017

Father Belloch is a priest that performs exorcisms. Poor Mr. Wilton’s possession is a bit of a modern racket. Will the priest survive the encounter? What about his cake and coffee? This was a great short read! I recommend to anyone who liked the Exorcist, Detective Stories, or Superhero comics.

I don’t normally review pieces this short, but I’m a big fan of Roosa’s stuff from my days in the Critters critiquing group. I spent a ton of time trying to deconstruct his work with my pretentious fledgling opinions and Joel had the patience and friendliness to continue the dialogue. I’m glad to count him among my pen pals. Plus he just earned a spot as the Editorial Assistant of Fantasy for Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores where Repo Priest is featured. Congratulations! Joel’s impeccable eagle eyes will destroy typos, run-ons, and any other grammatical no-no’s just like he so kindly did for some of my work.

The way Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores works is that you pay a $12 (as of June 2017) subscription for a year’s worth of the content. Joel fixed me up with a Reviewer’s subscription, a lovely perk for any reader who can’t stop imposing his opinions on the internet, and I did some poking around. There was an illustration for every story and dozens of stories for each subscription year. There are also some promising editorial content section under construction.

This is a way better deal than paying a buck for Kindle Shorts, which often fun for a dollar a piece. Not to mention that it is curated. Don’t get me wrong, I’m indie published and read mostly indie stuff, but I also think that hosting a review site is like curating work. It directs those who share my opinions to other titles I’ve already vetted, and I reject about a third of the review copies I accept to try out.

If you read short speculative fiction then I highly recommend you go on over to Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores, buy the ’17 subscription and read Repo Priest.

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