Broken Worlds****
By Drew Avera

Anki joined Luthia’s military to help her people defend against invasion. Brendal is a Grecian invader who thinks his peoples’ invasion of the galaxy is wrong. Two morally sound people on opposite sides of a fight. Broken Worlds puts these adversaries face to face and both must struggle with what is truly worth fighting for… and against. Will things turn out okay? Read it and find out for yourself!

I used an ereader’s synthetic text to voice option to listen to this fast paced story in my Jeep while driving out to Niagara Falls. I received a free copy but I can’t remember where from. My TBR pile is a large and frightening place, and by the time I get to things, I often draw a blank on their origin. I also tend to download freebies that I see on twitter @S_Shane_Thomas or facebook at

Avera has given us two unlikely heroes and set them up for bigger adventures. This is the beginning of a great adventure for Anki and Brendal.

 I get the feeling that somewhere in their near future the gang would rub shoulders with the likes of Han and Chewie before they quite smuggling.

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