In a not so distant future, mankind discovers the lost city of Atlantis, buried in the depths of the ocean. Not only was Atlantis the home of an advanced culture, it was a colonial spacehip that brought aliens to Earth in humanity’s prehistory.

After years of study and reverse engineering; private citizens, corporations, and universities pooled their resources and formed LARC, the League of Atlantis Reborn Colonies.

Now a fleet of LARC Colonial spaceships blasts into the depths of space in search for intelligence, adventure, and new worlds to colonize. A half million citizens set off on each craft, ready to bring human civilization into the unknown.

The LARC1 Colony landed on the abandoned home world of this ancient power and the Anki Legacies are the stories of the colonists' struggle against magic beyond their comprehension.

The league’s flagship pioneered into space and reached its destination; a lush, Earthlike planet called Nibiru and its sister planet Haran. The crew of LARC1 discovered that they are not alone in the universe and found mankind’s origins along with remnants of the society that sent Atlantis to Earth. Pneuma and Nefilim inhabit the worlds, and the crew of LARC1 struggles to make the far flung solar system their new home.

Distant Origins is the novel that tells LARC1's full story. It is available on If my flash fiction is entertaining, I know you'll like this full length adventure!

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LARC Transmissions is a short story collection inspired by alternate history, biology, and astronomy. Explore the League of Atlantis Reborn Colonies universe in 45 tales of varying lengths, stretching the limits of imagination. On top of the flash fiction available here, six significantly longer (still short) stories explore the farthest reaches of the LARC Universe.

Droids repopulate a plague addled colony in Chip Off the Old Block. Geneticists cast ethics aside to create the perfect people for harsher worlds in Chasing Stars. A carnivorous plant species tries to have human explorers for lunch in Uprooted. The final story Rakshasa is a novelette that follows Subahu, a free Nefilim who struggles to find purpose after life as a warrior. It takes place after Distant Origins and sets the scene for two upcoming LARC novels.

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Stone Age hominins quest into High Fantasy. A LARC1 colonist travels to prehistoric Earth to stop a pair of renegade Anki from unmaking humanity.

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Han and the gang from Monkeyboy are grown and about to part ways when the Anki they fought as tweens strand them light-years from home in a damaged shuttle. 

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