A Change in Crime *****
by D.R. Perry

Prohibition Era gangsters turn Dracula! I know. What could be cooler? The fact that I’m familiar with Fall Rivah (river spelled phonetically here for non-New Englanders to pronounce correctly). My boss grew up in that town and I love his stories of working in old textile mills and of the rough streets. I cover the area in my daytime travels, too, so it’s nice to get some local history. I know the vampire stuff isn’t real…

It’s nice to meet some blood suckers that aren’t into trying to meet and kiss high school girls. That Twilight dude was like, two hundred. Date adults, gramps! I don’t care if you look like a teen heart-throb, you might find that you are a little better read than her. Creepo.

Anyway, back to our lovely tale. Leo is a young man with a revenge plot against the local crime boss. Oguyna is a vampire who has lived in near isolation for centuries, since her people died off during American colonization. Her occasional midnight strolls among the mill workers to take in the views of the lovely old red brick mills become the stuff of local legend. Daniel is like evil Peter Pan.  A large cast of interesting characters twist together into the yarns of opposing faction. Their conflict weaves the fabric of this supernatural mill town tale.

Did you like that textile mill reference I did there? Smooth right?

Sometimes I suggest who should read this book, but A Change in Crime has so many things going for it that its irresistible, like that candy with a layer of caramel, a layer of coconut, and a layer of that pink stuff. You probably didn’t even read this far down. You got hooked up there somewhere and scampered off to click buy. Good Idea.

I received a free copy of this book because I talk about books I like a lot. There was no guarantee that I’d like this book or talk about it if I did. I only promise authors I’ll give their story a try. Check out more of my reviews at LARC-SciFi(dot)com.  

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