A Bullywol Visitor- review ****

I’ve met Cardigan Broadmoor a couple times at a bookstore where I consign my titles. We talked a bit about writing and selling books, then I bought a copy of The Bullywol Visitor: A Not-For-Childrens’ Book. 

I meant it as a gift for my sons, eight and two. However, based on the subtitle I thought it best to read through the book alone before sharing. Without giving away too much, there are pictures my toddler may be a little creeped out by. There are a couple scenes that some may consider violent, but I would not place it outside the type of violence we see in the fairy tale classic Little Red Riding Hood. I enjoy giving my sons a healthy dose of weird from time to time. Their little minds need more than Thomas the Tank Engine, Narnia, and the Wizard of Oz.

I intend to read the story to the toddler and keep it on the eight year old’s shelf. I would say the reading level is first to second grade. Adults who like strange illustrations and a meandering tale without a moral should buy this book as a coffee table conversation piece. I would and will, since my own coffee table is cluttered up with kiddie books.

We open in the mountains of Bullywol, on Earth before humans, then gets into the main character’s backstory. The visitor is from a rogue planet, which I find very interesting. This story takes us through his journey among the stars and into our home world, making friends, and facing adversity.

The art and narrative have an old fashioned Fairy Tale quality. Broadmoor captures the language we all fell in love with while growing up reading and hearing Mother Goose, the Brothers Grimm, and other classic Fairy Tales.

I know I’ll be on the lookout for Broadmoor’s next Not-For-Childrens’ Book.

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