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Welcome fans of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, and Science Fantasy! This is the website of author S Shane Thomas. You can read tons of novel previews and flash fiction under the Anki Legacies page. There are also dozens of book reviews, most from indie and small press Up-and-Comers like Shane. Watch Shane chat it up with other authors and fans about the hottest indie books he's read. Read free Writer Battles here too. Shane butts in on another writer's plot and runs off with the hero! There is also a box full of strange parts...

Anki Legacies

Art by Chad Gomez

Science Fantasy Novels for Young Adults


Reading is fun, but even the most bookish among us likes to stare at the box from time to time. Now you can tune in to my book club discussions! Click the TV and watch me discuss my books, other authors' books, and even do a couple of discussion board panels! 

Want to join in the fun? Click here and tell me which book you want to talk about.

Writer Battle

Enter the world of Writer Battle! Author S Shane Thomas takes on some of his favorite authors and the results are genre mashups in short story form, free to read or download in .pdf format.


The LARC Universe is an ever expanding place, thanks to fan contributions! Share your LARC story or LARC inspired art here. Most submissions will be featured on the site! Your Paleolithic Fable is also available now. 

Shane's Book Reviews

Every good writer is a great reader! Here are my opinions on other authors' works.

S Shane Thomas

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LARC Extras

Here is a bucket of odds and ends. A Writer Shop Talk Blog, a Conspiracy Theory Blog, Audio Flash Fiction, LARC Facebook page, Facts in my Fiction, and a link to contact him.

My Kinda Geek

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My books are about stone age archaeology, ancient aliens, conspiracy theories, and one's a total homage to Dragon Ball (the original, when Goku is a boy). People who geek out on that stuff will love my books. No website sorts by geek... until now! 

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